Making of – City Module by M3 Architects

Hello guys!

My name is Alex Melnik. We are M3 Architects and our team is based in Odessa, Ukraine.
M3 Architects represents City Module project which was developed with a team of developers. This building can be located as in natural environment as in an urban area. The modern building can attract young active people and become the new space for tourists. We are inspired by the experience of our European colleagues we think that modern buildings can emphasize the charm of the historical environment of an old city. There were used local materials that are common in the region. For example concrete, wall panels, metal mesh, aluminium.

Free 3D Model – Rosary

And now something completely different! Rosary! Yes. Currently in Poland we have quite big event called “Rosary to the Borders”. Hundreds of thousands pray rosary around borders. Really great event that gathers people in the name of peace and love. And this is our digital input! You can use it in your architectural visualizations and other projects!