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Dabarti Capture Intro

How to Dabarti capture

It’s been a long time since I planned to create this article. And now, since kids are on their vacation, it’s finally a good time.

This article is not sponsored in any form, the author purchased all software and gear.

Probably all of you have seen astonishing foliage renders by Tomasz Wyszolmirski from Dabarti. And some of you may wonder where did he get these beautiful textures. Well, he wrote a small but mighty program that does only one thing, and does it pretty damn good! Extracting real surface normal texture from surfaces.

You can check out more on official Dabarti Capture website HERE.

Of course, nothing good in life is easy, the software has it’s own limitations and flaws, and this little guide will show you how I use it. So. Let’s get started.

3D Cube

Visualizations first steps

About ten years ago when someone asked me “what do you do for a living”. I¬†already knew that’s gonna tough talk. Usually i simply explained that i’m doing architectural visualizations in 3ds max, just to hear back that this must to be simple. Some people even added “I will learn this 3d studio too, so i can earn as much money as you”.

Oh Boy! I’ll bet that almost everyone of you heard something similar too. It’s so frustrating¬†that people have no idea how much work, time and heart it cost. But let’s say that you have no idea about 3D visualizations and you really, really want to try. Here’s my subjective guide how to start.

Model Release for cut out people

I’d like to share with you story that happened to us in January 2017.

At the beginning of this year I got a call from large visualization company from Warsaw. He informed me that one of his big clients got accused of using someones image without permission. Let’s call this person Garry. The problem was that Garry saw himself on large banner ad. Banner was an advertisement of new real estate property in form of visualization, and Garry was small part of this image. That was enough for Garry to call ad owner with accusations. This causes large threat for real estate company and visualization company.