Free 3D Model – Boxtree

It’s never enough of good 3d landscape elements. Correctly placed small bushes, can take look of visualization to whole new level. Is it open garden or shopping center, it’s always pleasure to see small green touches to architecture. Our graphic designer prepared couple of round free boxtree 3d model with additional gravel tiles.


Free 3D Model – Mazda MX-5

Today’s free model is LEGEN –wait for it– DARY!

Literally, Mazda MX-5 is truly legendary vehicle. It’s a car that changed automotive industry. And till it’s first generation, is constantly giving fun to it’s drivers. I personally own this car, and i’d like to share a bit of joy with you. That’s why this week our graphic designer prepared for you free 3d model of Mazda MX-5. It’s Mid-Poly 3d model, prepared for architectural visualizations in mind.