Free 3D Model – Lemon tree

I wonder how, I wonder why yesterday you told me ‘Bout the blue blue sky and all that I can see is just A yellow lemon tree. That’s the song of my youth. And now everyone can get lemon tree from us 🙂 Lemon tree 3D model of course. You’re not gonna squeeze juice from it. But you gonna do some beautiful renders with it. I hope you like it as much like i do!

3D Cube

Visualizations first steps

About ten years ago when someone asked me “what do you do for a living”. I already knew that’s gonna tough talk. Usually i simply explained that i’m doing architectural visualizations in 3ds max, just to hear back that this must to be simple. Some people even added “I will learn this 3d studio too, so i can earn as much money as you”.

Oh Boy! I’ll bet that almost everyone of you heard something similar too. It’s so frustrating that people have no idea how much work, time and heart it cost. But let’s say that you have no idea about 3D visualizations and you really, really want to try. Here’s my subjective guide how to start.

Wristwatch 3D Model for Corona and Vray

Free 3D Model – Wristwatch

Good architecture requires good accessories. Little details that bring walls to live. That’s why this week we prepared for you free 3D model of Wristwatch with additional accessories. As usual prepared for Vray and Corona renderers inside 3DS MAX. So don’t hesitate and give your’s 3D visualizations little bit of luxury 🙂

Free 3D Model – Coffee machine

Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?

Sure it is! Everyone is looking for good coffee machine. In real world and in 3Ds Max too. So this time our most talented graphic designer prepared for you….. 3D model of coffee machine for V-ray and Corona renderer 🙂 And we are giving it to you for free. As usual free for commercial use!

Julius Shulman Part 1

If you ask me how do i get into visualization business, i will tell you that i love architecture. If you ask me how do i fall in love in architecture, i will tel you one name… Julius Shulman.

For me, architecture is an form of art, but even most extraordinary architecture is only limited to time and place where it happened. In my opinion, capturing expression of architecture is even more important than architecture itself. For most people architecture is narrowed simple into walls, space to eat, sleep and watch tv. There was a man that been able to describe buildings without one world and tell rich and fascinating story in this same time. For me this man is Julius Shulman.