Free 3D Model – Mint

It’s high summer and there is no better drink ingredient than some mint! But not some ordinary mint. 3D mint! And what’s better thank 3d mint? Free 3d mint!!
And this is on us! Enjoy!


3DS Max + Vray
3DS Max + Corona
Ciname 4D + Vray
Cinema 4D + AR


  1. Feel free to use our free stuff in you commercial and non commercial work without limitations.
  2. We will be really pleased if you will mention us in description of your project, but you don’t need if you don’t want.
  3. Please don’t steal. Don’t take our work and share as your’s.


If you like this free model, take a look on our commercial 3d collection with Kitchen accessories as well as Dabrti capturing tool. Great software to capture surface normals.

Kitchen 3d models

Dabarti capture - surface normal capturing tool

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