Free 3D Model – Mazda MX-5

Today’s free model is LEGEN –wait for it– DARY!

Literally, Mazda MX-5 is truly legendary vehicle. It’s a car that changed automotive industry. And till it’s first generation, is constantly giving fun to it’s drivers. I personally own this car, and i’d like to share a bit of joy with you. That’s why this week our graphic designer prepared for you free 3d model of Mazda MX-5. It’s Mid-Poly 3d model, prepared for architectural visualizations in mind.



3DS Max + Vray
3DS Max + Corona
Ciname 4D + Vray
Cinema 4D + AR


  1. Feel free to use our free stuff in you commercial and non commercial work without limitations.
  2. We will be really pleased if you will mention us in description of your project, but you don’t need it you don’t want.
  3. Please don’t steal. Don’t take our work and share as your’s.


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