3D printing – Bauhaus Tray

As you may know. A designing object for 3D printing is my new hobby. There’s something magical in transferring ideas into projects and finally into a real-life object. And there is no easier, faster, and cheaper way to prototype real-life gadgets than a 3D Printer.

A spark for this idea comes from the Prusa Research Printables website. In their cycle of quick design contests, a new topic called “EDC Tray” pops out.

The idea behind this project was to create a minimalistic, modular tray that can be expanded without limits. The design is based on a 58mm square grid.

My main design principle was to follow color and shapes established by “Bauhaus” an old famous German design style. The design contains 12 different modules that can be connected by special pins under the structure.


The project is free for personal use and can be downloaded here. You can print it for yourself and your family.

If you are interested in commercial 3D print reselling of this model you can purchase 1-year license here.

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