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Dabarti Capture Intro

How to Dabarti capture

It’s been a long time since I planned to create this article. And now, since kids are on their vacation, it’s finally a good time.

This article is not sponsored in any form, the author purchased all software and gear.

Probably all of you have seen astonishing foliage renders by Tomasz Wyszolmirski from Dabarti. And some of you may wonder where did he get these beautiful textures. Well, he wrote a small but mighty program that does only one thing, and does it pretty damn good! Extracting real surface normal texture from surfaces.

You can check out more on official Dabarti Capture website HERE.

Of course, nothing good in life is easy, the software has it’s own limitations and flaws, and this little guide will show you how I use it. So. Let’s get started.