Model Release for cut out people

I’d like to share with you story that happened to us in January 2017.

At the beginning of this year I got a call from large visualization company from Warsaw. He informed me that one of his big clients got accused of using someones image without permission. Let’s call this person Garry. The problem was that Garry saw himself on large banner ad. Banner was an advertisement of new real estate property in form of visualization, and Garry was small part of this image. That was enough for Garry to call ad owner with accusations. This causes large threat for real estate company and visualization company.

This case could have been terrible result end for everyone. Lawsuits with large damages and compensations for everyone in this story.

Could have been!
Because five years ago, during photo session with Garry we paid him for his work and he signed small document called Model Release. This model release is a licence that allow us to manage and use Garry’s image in our products and our client’s works.
My lawyer contacted Garry and put a fire out and Garry is no longer treating my clients.

Every cut out people image in our collections have it’s own model release. That allow our clients to use our photos in their work without any fears of being sued.

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