Apple design book

Designed by Apple in California – Book

One of my guiltiest pleasures is collecting architectural albums. I love these moments of come and quiet, with a heavy book on the table and beautiful and inspiring photos in front of my eyes. I’m also a huge fan of Apple’s “Think different” way of making things. Whether is good or whether is bad, Apple is surely the company that makes people talking.

A few years ago Apple release it’s very own photo album called “Designed by Apple in California”. I personally do not own this one, but I always wanted to check it out. And now it is a perfect opportunity to do so. The first is because of the current “Lockdown” situation. The second is because Apple Explained Youtube’s channel just released 48 minutes full read through. Great video with page by page presentation and original apple commentary to every product.

Enough Talk! Let’s dive into.

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