Vintage 3d printed mouse case

3D printing – VizPeople Pointer Two

I really liked design process of M100 case. So i decided to push this whole idea a little further. With a little upgrade of course 🙂

This is how Pointer Two was born. It was not so easy true speaking. It took me about two weeks to design and tweek all the parts and printing strategy. But I have to say that I’m really proud from this one.

Believe or not but this entire concept starts from three boxes.
3D Printing prototypes

After few days i finally found final shape and tested right dimension for the mouse.
As before, I made 3d scan of original enclosure and I started reconstruction of internal support structure. This one was a little bit tricky since i have to design space for battery and wireless usb dongle that’s would be suitable for 3d printing. My crap box was updated by several test prints:

Test 3D Prints

It took me about a week to tune up all the parts and find right distances between buttons and click sensors. It was definitely the most “Pain in the ass” part of entire creation process but I took lessons from previous design and finding the right solutions was my main goals here.

Parallel to fixing measure tolerance issues I was developing color scheme for this one. My final idea of splitting every element do different flashy color was abandoned since it would look really crappy made on 3d printer. Here are some initial color ideas:

Color ideas for final design

I really like some strong, colorful accents in my designs but I found that It’s not going to work here. I spend a lot of time and effort for this design and I just wanted it to look good. “Looking good” and “3D Printing” are really far from each other 🙂 so I chose Creamy matt filament and my favorite Wood filament from Polish manufacturer PrintMe to hide all printing imperfections.

Finally when everything was printed It was time to make some photos. I took about 100 photos in different environments and light condition and I manged to chose my few favorites 🙂

Photo Session


If it happens that you have old Logitech M185 around You can purchase my Vintage computer mouse STL files on Printables and make one for yourself 🙂


And here it is. VizPeople Pointer Two:

3D Printed Vintage mouse front view
3D Printed Vintage mouse top view
3D Printed Vintage mouse assembly

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