Cyber scraper

3D printing – Cyber scraper

I would like to share my latest 3d printing design. The idea is silly but I spend some time on it and I really like a result. 3D Model was made for Prusa Printables design contest with the main topic – Car Defrosting.

I decided to create ice scraper inspired by Upcoming Tesla Cybertruck and I called it Cyper Scraper XD.

As usual the design is completely free for download and print for your personal use. I came up with modular design with three main parts. Interchangeable blade, Main core and Handle. By mixing different filaments I was able to create some really cool outcome. I especially like wood filament with real wood dust. It smells real wood during print!! 🙂

Real life test shows that my firs handle connection design was really weak so few updates was introduced.

Cyper scraper unfolded

Cyber scraper in action

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